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Primary Colour: Green
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Our Pet Hair Comb is designed to provide numerous benefits for both you and your furry friend. Here are the key features and description of our comb:


  1. Promotes blood circulation: The combing needles in our comb provide a soothing massage to the skin, promoting blood circulation and increasing skin resistance. This helps eliminate physical fatigue and keeps your pet feeling refreshed.

  2. Reduces hair loss: Regular grooming with our comb helps collect shed hair, preventing it from falling everywhere as your pet moves around. This keeps your home cleaner and reduces the amount of loose hair in your pet's coat.

  3. Prevents hair knotting: Long-haired cats and dogs are prone to hair tangling, knotting, and matting. By combing their hair regularly, you can prevent these issues and keep their coat in top condition.

  4. Detects trauma and skin diseases: During the grooming process, our comb allows you to spot any signs of trauma or skin problems early on. This enables you to provide timely treatment and care for your pet.

  5. Stimulates hair follicles and enhances coat quality: Regular grooming stimulates the hair follicles, resulting in better hair quality and volume. Your pet's coat will be smoother, shinier, and more luxurious with frequent combing.


  1. One-key cleaning: Our comb features a convenient and labor-saving one-key cleaning function. The integrated design of the cleaning button allows for easy removal of collected hair, making the cleaning process hassle-free.

  2. Unique push board design: The push board design ensures easy and efficient hair removal, leaving the comb clean and ready for the next grooming session.

  3. Movable needle surface: The comb's needle surface is designed to move, providing a gentle massaging effect that your pet will love. This not only helps in grooming but also serves as a bonding and enjoyable experience for both of you.

  4. Delicate self-cleaning device: Our comb is equipped with a self-cleaning mechanism that can withstand pressure, ensuring its durability and longevity.

  5. Forging needle: The comb's needles are forged and integrated into the design, ensuring a long service life and reliable performance.

Combing Technique:

  1. When combing, quickly comb and pull the hair in the direction of growth to remove tangles and knots effectively.

  2. For long-haired cats and dogs, it's important to comb not only the surface hair but also the fine hair underneath. Neglecting the undercoat can lead to tangles and potential skin issues.

  3. The undercoat of cats and dogs is soft and dense, and if left uncombed for a long time, it can lead to tangles, matting, eczema, tinea, and other skin problems. When combing long-haired pets, comb layer by layer, lift the long hair, and ensure thorough combing of the undercoat.


  • Type: Pet Hair Comb
  • Material: ABS
  • Quantity: 1 piece
  • Color Options: Purple, White, Green

Packing List: 1 * Pet Comb

Invest in our Pet Hair Comb to ensure a well-groomed and healthy coat for your beloved pet. Experience the convenience, cleanliness, and joy of grooming with our comb. Order now and enjoy the benefits of regular grooming for your furry friend.

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