Corner Comb Pet Brush

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Color: blue
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Introducing our convenient Corner Comb, the perfect solution for keeping your fluffy cat clean and reducing the amount of shedding hair in your home. This innovative cat toy is designed to be easily clipped to any corner or doorway, allowing your cat to take care of their grooming needs independently.

We understand the frustration of dealing with excessive shedding and the need for regular grooming. Our Corner Comb is made with sturdy yet soft bristles that effectively remove loose hair from your cat's coat. By providing this self-grooming tool, you can say goodbye to fur balls and hair tumbleweeds around your house.

The Corner Comb serves as a toy for your cat while simultaneously fulfilling their grooming needs. The interactive aspect of the comb engages your cat's natural instincts and encourages them to groom themselves. Not only will this keep their coat in great condition, but it also provides them with the affectionate self-care they need.

The comb is made of durable plastic, ensuring its longevity and resistance to wear and tear. The soft bristles are gentle on your cat's fur and skin, making it a comfortable and enjoyable experience for them.

Give your fluffy cat the freedom to groom themselves with our Corner Comb. Reduce shedding and hair accumulation in your home while providing your cat with a stimulating and self-sufficient grooming experience. Order now and enjoy a cleaner environment and a happy, well-groomed cat.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Callie O'Conner

The product meets the characteristics indicated by the seller. Cats already use it without problems. The product arrived quickly. Thanks to the seller!

Idella Brown

Came very fast - only two weeks.
My cat loves it.
It comes with catnip, screws and double sided tape.

Hunter Koch

Excellent, equal to the images. It comes with a sachet of catnip as they mention.

Lulu Donnelly

The shipping is fast. This is great, sturdy enough and flexible enough. There is place for nails and you get sticky pads if you want to stick it to the wall. The tentacles are long enough. Havent tried it yet, i hope the cat will like it. Overall this seems like its a good product and its really well made. Btw mounting bracket is also well made.

Earline Larson

Very good product, only the herb does not work much, I do not know if it is why it is very dry.

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