Food Dispenser For Pets

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Color: Pink
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Introducing our Cats and Dogs Treat Toy Tumbler, a delightful and interactive way to engage your pets and provide them with their favorite snacks. This toy tumbler is designed to keep your pets entertained while they work to retrieve their treats.

To use the Cats and Dogs Treat Toy Tumbler, simply fill the ball with your pets' favorite snacks. Then, select the desired difficulty level based on your pets' skill level and let them enjoy the challenge. The built-in labyrinth device expands the food flowing time, ensuring a longer-lasting and more engaging experience.

The toy tumbler is specially designed with three air outlets on the top, allowing your pets to easily detect the enticing food smell and engage in a playful chase. This adds an element of excitement and exercise to their treat time.

Using the Cats and Dogs Treat Toy Tumbler is easy. Just open the top cover to fill it with food, and the adjustable barrier design allows you to control the speed of the food flowing, tailoring the difficulty to suit your pets' abilities.

This toy ball food dispenser serves as more than just a source of entertainment and treats. It also helps reduce anxiety and combat loneliness when you're away from home, providing your pets with an engaging and brain-teasing activity.


  • Color Options: Green, Pink
  • Material: Plastic
  • Size: 4" x 4.8"

Make the Cats and Dogs Treat Toy Tumbler a delightful gift for your beloved pets. Watch as they have a great time chasing, playing, and enjoying their favorite snacks. Order now and provide your pets with the ultimate brain-teaser and treat dispenser, ensuring their happiness and well-being.

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