Adjustable Fitness Hand Grip Set

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Introducing our Hand Grip Strengthener Set, a comprehensive set of exercise tools designed to help strengthen and improve the flexibility of your fingers, hands, wrists, and forearms. With its mechanical counting feature and multiple resistance options, this set is perfect for athletes, musicians, and anyone looking to enhance their grip strength and overall hand dexterity.


  1. Mechanical Counting: The hand grip strengthener features a built-in mechanical counting mechanism, eliminating the need for manual counting. This allows you to focus on your exercise routine without the distraction of counting repetitions.

  2. Finger Exerciser: The finger exerciser provides 4 pounds of resistance for each finger, offering a challenging workout for athletes, rock climbers, and musicians such as piano or guitar players. It helps to improve finger strength, agility, and coordination.

  3. Grip Ring: The set includes a grip ring with medium resistance, which targets the strengthening of the grip and reduces stress. It is an excellent tool for overall hand and forearm strength.

  4. Finger Force Band: The finger force band is designed to accommodate fingers of all sizes. It enhances finger strength and flexibility, allowing you to target specific finger muscles for a well-rounded workout.

  5. Decompression Ball: The decompression ball is designed to enhance palm grip and provide stress relief. It can also be used for rehabilitation training to improve hand mobility and reduce anxiety.


  • Material: ABS, TPR
  • Color: Black
  • Item Weight: Approximately 350g
  • Application: Sport and Recovery


1X Hand Grip Strengthener Set

Please note that there may be a slight measuring deviation of 1-2cm due to manual measurement. Additionally, colors may appear slightly different from the listed photos due to variations in monitors and lighting conditions.

Experience the benefits of our Hand Grip Strengthener Set. Strengthen your grip, improve finger dexterity, and enhance overall hand performance. Order now and take your hand and forearm workouts to the next level.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Kamille Johnson

Parts arrived whole. Color Blue הקושי his bit tight, need to know.

Ruby Barrows

Complete set of hand rehabilitation accessories. Useful and effective tools for the recovery of strength and fine motor skills. Very comfortable the bag to keep them together

Bernardo Balistreri

Everything came right, and fast. Excellent material, recommend!

Mikel Langosh

Very good and resistant

Angelo Jacobi

Adjustable Fitness Hand Grip Set

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