Pet Tree Scratching Post

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Introducing our Pet Tree Scratching Post with Toy! This interactive and engaging pet accessory is perfect for keeping your furry friend entertained and satisfied. Made from non-slip, sturdy, and durable materials, it provides a comfortable space for your pet to scratch and play.


  1. Scratch Post: The sisal grab post is designed to fulfill your pet's natural scratching instincts, keeping their claws healthy and saving your furniture from scratches.

  2. Feather Stick Toy: Attached to the scratching post is a feather stick toy that adds an element of excitement and fun to playtime. Watch as your pet pounces and swats at the feather, providing hours of entertainment.

  3. Wooden Rolling Balls: Our pet tree scratching post also features wooden rolling balls that add an extra level of interactive play. Your pet will enjoy batting and chasing the balls, keeping them engaged and active.


  • Toy: Feather and Wooden Balls
  • Material: Sisal Grab Post, Wood
  • Size: 10.23" x 13.77" x 6.29"

Give your pet the ultimate scratching and play experience with our Pet Tree Scratching Post with Toy. It's the perfect addition to any pet-friendly household and will provide endless hours of fun and exercise for your furry friend.

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